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  Tiantai Jingong SiLi Glass Beads Co.,Ltd. is Sino-German joint venture, a professional beadmaker with all sorts of glass beads and zirconia beads,which the equipment is advanced and techonoly...[More]
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  Jingong-Brand grinding glass beads come in selections of GJ-I(Normal Beads), GJ-II(intensive beads),GJ-lll(Wear-Resisting Beads)and GJ-IV(Pure White Beads) and zirconia bead (JZ95、JZ80....[[More]
Products Series
Grinding glass beads
Gringding Zirconia beads
Precise glass beads
Decorative glass beads
Blasting glass beads
Technical Support
  Jingong enforce strict ISO9001 quality certification system. Specially equipped with a comprehensive set of instruments and equipment to ensure the stability of the quality of raw materials and...[More]
Service Hotline
HQ Tel:+86-576-83952349 83952288
Shanghai sales Tel:+86-013916046534
Tianjin sales Tel:+86-022-26638881
E-Mail:[email protected]
The main applications of glass...
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Add:Tiantai Zhejiang China   P.C.:317200   HQ sales Tel:+86-576-83952349   83952288   Fax:86-576-83952180   E-Mail: [email protected]
Shanghai sales Tel:+86-013916046534   Tianjin sales Tel:+86-022-26638881   26638882   26638883
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